Patient Monitor
Electrosurgical Equipment
Diagnosis Device
Disposable Skin Stapler

Financial Accountant

Familiar with accounting regulation and tax theory, have the related experience of national tax and land tax, tax free, tax credit and tax return of Exportation, and the cost calculation experience.
Education: be or above college degree Age: 24-35



Familiar with product purchasing channel and procedure, with strong sense of cost control, familiar with the office software, well known the platform management of B/B and B/C, with carefulness, serious and responsible character, excellent explanation and communication, fluent mandarin speaking, can often travel outside or stay work in external agent office, have good analyze and judgment ability.

Domestic sales representative

With standard and fluent mandarin speaking skill, excellent explanation and communication both in literature and oral, have the experience of Medical Equipment promotion and selling, good outlook profile and image, ease and smooth to communicate and negotiate with any others, can often travel outside or stay work in external agent office.


Foreign trade salesman (Language: Spanish, Arabic, Russian, English)

Must be the relative education academic background, Language proficiency, Good in hearing, speaking, reading and writing, special for the oral language and can communicate with the clients directly. Can used the computer and internet source expertly, Team spirit, small family burden, can often travel abroad or resident abroad, in the past have had overseas experience is preferred.
Working experience: more than 1 year
Education: be or above college degree
Gender: no limited
Age: 22-30